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Jim O'Connor has had an interest in theories of everything and the integral worldview since the mid 1990's. He can be contacted at, while his blog can be found at He currently lives in Swindon, England.

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The Global Conspiracy

Part 1: The Overall Structure

Jim O'Connor

I hadn't originally intended to post this short, three part essay on Integral World. However, given recent world events I think it is a perspective that deserves to be heard here.

The Visible Structure

Most people believe that the ultimate power in human society lies with elected politicians and those they appoint. They believe that this is where the decision-making buck stops. This is certainly the picture of society promoted by the mainstream media in all its manifestations and the one inculcated in us from birth. However, there have always been researchers who have questioned this belief and sought to uncover a hidden structure of decision making that exists behind the scenes. Their findings are not baseless "conspiracy theories", but are founded on solid research and a close reading of the historical record, and present a serious challenge to the orthodox view of how society is run. In many cases orthodox historians and sociologists acknowledge the validity of the claims they make, but this is not enough for their truths to puncture the protective shell surrounding "received opinion".

Their findings, in summary, are that human society is not structured as most people believe it to be structured, nor run by those who appear to be running it. It is controlled instead by a conglomeration of secret societies that operate in the shadows of our democratic systems. These societies include those such as the Freemasons, The Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta and many others. The same group of individuals sit at the top of all of these societies and have come to be known as the Illuminati. (The use of the name "Illuminati" in this context is not to be confused with the Bavarian Illuminati, which was a secret society founded in Germany in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, and which was/is merely one secret society in the web, albeit an influential one. "Illuminati" as I use the term refers to the senior members of the entire secret society network that currently spans the globe.)

It is a truism that humans have an innate propensity for creating hierarchies, and for conspiring in secret. Even the most cursory glance at society shows this assertion to be valid. Men (and often women, too) are continually devising ways of gaining, maintaining and increasing their power and of coming up with novel ways to wield it. This mentality is not confined to mafia dons, but infests those at the top of all spheres of society. When combined, these propensities toward hierarchy and conspiracy have led to the rise of the secret society network as it exists today. This network has over the centuries infiltrated all areas of human society, including politics, finance, law, medicine, education and the media. The Illuminati are content with nothing less than "full spectrum dominance" of human affairs, and whenever a new social sphere arises, such as an advanced technology or a new social movement, Illuminati creation and control of it can frequently be discovered.

It is generally acknowledged that secret societies have been influential in major social upheavals throughout history. The Bavarian Illuminati was a well known trigger of the French and American revolutions, but the implications of this fact never register in the mainstream, and most conventional researchers believe secret society influence over events to be consigned to the past. As the societies themselves still exist, however, there is no good reason to believe this, and certainly not when evidence continually surfaces of their continued manipulations.

Competent researchers such as Stephen Knight have uncovered Freemasonic control of the City of London, and with the financial districts of the world being the most concentrated havens for Freemasonic lodges, it is reasonable to assume that a similar situation exists globally. When the infamous Masonic lodge known as P2 was exposed for manipulating Italian politics in the 1980s, some of its documents pointed to Knight's Templar involvement. The whole operation was discovered to be run on the principles of hierarchy and compartmentalisation (knowledge being granted on a strictly "need to know" basis), with only those at the very top knowing the ultimate goals of the organisation. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, to take another example, has 33 degrees, but the majority of its members never make it past the first three. What goes on in the other 30 has been a topic of much speculation, but what we know is that decisions made in the upper levels are implemented by junior members in whatever sphere they operate. Individuals at lower levels are told what they need to know to perform their function but no more. Where necessary they are lied to and fed cover stories in order to lead their thinking and actions in the desired direction.

From the fact that all of these societies are based on the concepts of hierarchy and compartmentalisation, and from surveying the direction being taken by human society, researchers such as David Icke have inferred the existence of a "spider", a coordinating force in the centre of the web, whose dictats are passed into the different sub-societies and then down through their structures to the places from where they can be actioned. Access to these high levels of the Illuminati is by "bloodline" only, with only those from certain genetic lines being deemed eligible. Families closest to the spider include the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and the royal families of Europe.

Given the fact that the Illuminati are intent on gaining as much control over human society as possible, it seems logical to most researchers to assume that their ultimate goal is the establishment of a world government. And given that they work to keep the masses as downtrodden and subservient as possible, it is further assumed that this will be a totalitarian government of the type predicted by George Orwell, and based around a ruthless police state. The culminating stage of the conspiracy has become known as the New World Order (NWO), a phrase used in speeches by Illuminati member George H.W. Bush while he was president of the U.S. The NWO is intended to be a society based around total physical and psychological control in which the natural human urge towards freedom is progressively curtailed until it becomes consigned to the history books. In the NWO the masses would be no more than cogs in a rigid social machine of work and base leisure activities in which all urge toward a higher meaning in life has been deleted, to be replaced by mundane thoughts and feelings and slavery to an economic system that benefits only the elites.

The Illuminati use all means at their disposal, including influencing the operation of governments, manipulating the financial system, and engineering events such as terrorist attacks, economic crises, pandemics and domestic tragedies in order to give them the pretext they need to change society in ways that further their objectives. This might involve bringing in increased surveillance and social control, closing down free speech and the right to protest, or radically restructuring the economic system. As the existence of the "spider" remains unknown to the general population, they believe these events to be happening randomly, and will even scoff at the suggestion of a conspiracy at the heart of it all.

A major means by which the Illuminati maintain the population in their state of servitude is through controlling the creation of money. Money is not created by the government as most people believe, but by private banks when they make a loan to an individual or business. The new money is created out of nothing (ex nihilo) and immediately appears as a debt in the customer's account, with the requirement that everything newly created be returned with interest (usury). As the interest is never created, more money must continually be paid back than was put into circulation. This necessitates the creation of yet more money in the future to ensure there is enough in circulation for the economy to continue to function.

Because more money must be paid back to the banks than was created by them the system is inherently centralising, and works to suck all the wealth of the world in the direction of the financial sector. This is the real reason why there seems to be less money available every year for social uses, such as education or medical care, while the bankers get richer and richer. The system ensures a flow of inordinate amounts of money in the direction of the elites and the Illuminati, which they then use to further their control in a self-reinforcing spiral.

Because usury causes financial cycles of boom and bust, crashes are built into the structure of the economy and cause even more virulent centralisation, leading to cut-backs and austerity programmes for the masses while the banks, which are deemed "too big to fail", are bailed out with public tax money. During a crash the real wealth of the population, including businesses and property, is repossessed by the banks, leading to massively increased ownership and control for those that own them. In time the social system stabilises at the new, reduced level of public spending and people adjust, eventually coming to see the new state of inequality as "the way things are". The historical and ongoing utilisation of usury is undoubtedly one of the major means by which the Illuminati have accumulated so much power and capital over the centuries, and one of the reasons why human society has become so frantic.

The other major area of concern for the Illuminati is the control of politics and politicians. The relationships between politics and the financial system just discussed, as well as big business, such as arms manufacturing, biotech and big oil, are both labyrinthine and incestuous. Their connections with these industries is therefore a major way that politicians in positions of power are influenced to make the "right" decisions. They are also controlled by being compromised in some way, whether through financial misdeeds or sexual perversions that are kept under wraps for as long as they are useful. The so-called party system by which politicians are constrained, not least through peer-pressure, also ensures that they are kept in line and that mavericks cannot buck the system too severely.

The Illuminati also control the police and judiciary. This control is once again exerted through the Freemasonic network, which is extensive in law enforcement. Many, perhaps even most, police officers are Freemasons and it is impossible to reach the higher ranks without being a member. Control of the police allows the Illuminati to decide which cases are investigated and which are quietly dropped, while control of the courts allows them to ensure that the "right" verdict is passed down in cases that are important to them.

This conspiracy is never exposed in the mainstream because the Illuminati, through ownership, exert a massive degree of control over the media in all its various forms, including the news and entertainment output of all the major channels and corporations. It is also the case that the majority of journalists working for these organisation are unaware of the existence of the conspiracy and thus never research outside the bounds of their worldview. And were they to do so, they would soon be looking for another job. The Illuminati also control the major advertising agencies and can create TV and print advertisements containing overt and subliminal messages and symbolism in order to influence and manipulate the population. Many of the executives and lower-level workers in these organizations are members of secret societies and are well-versed in the dark-arts of mind manipulation and perception programming.

It is largely through these areas that the mainstream of human society is controlled. Politicians make the laws that dictate what citizens can and cannot do, the media conditions the population to accept them, and the money system constrains their lives in the other ways that matter. Because of the nature of power and hierarchy, this state of affairs is virtually impossible for a population of atomised individuals, kept deliberately apathetic and impotent, to overturn. Rectifying it would require either a benevolent politician to make it to the top of the political hierarchy, which the very system is set up to prevent, or a large-scale coordination of vision and action from those of us at the bottom, which a society kept deliberately fragmented and chaotic also renders impossible.

The Esoteric Structure

Although control of the material world is a prime goal of the Illuminati, they know that the reality we see around us is not as material as it seems. The world we inhabit is, according to a metaphor used by Icke, no more than a television station, one among an infinity of others, which all exist in the same space. They do not interact with each other unless they are brought into close alignment, in which case we experience "interference" and entities that exist in one can temporarily cross over into another. In the absence of such interference these worlds co-exist side by side, each with with no knowledge of the others.

The world we see is therefore nothing but a contingent illusion held in place by the minds of the population, which hides from us a spiritual reality teeming with powers and entities that few would believe could exist. Angels, spirits, ghosts, demons and everything in between make up a spiritual hierarchy beyond the range of the human senses which, given the appropriate conditions, can interact with the concrete human realm. At the top of this non-material hierarchy, generally referred to as The Great Chain of Being, lies the Godhead, the Nondual consciousness that is both the pinnacle of spiritual evolution, as well as the material from which the entirety of existence is constructed. As this ladder is descended a gradually decreasing grade of being is encountered, from angels and devas at the higher reaches right down to spiritually degenerate demons at the lower.

Access to the esoteric realm, from which great temporal power can be obtained, comes through ritual, meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices, all of which can be utilised for good or evil, for purposes of individual spiritual development, or as a means of gaining mental abilities that give control over others. The Illuminati are fully aware of the reality of this realm and have over the millennia studied in great depth the scientific principles governing how to connect with it in order to access its potentials. They are therefore not materialists (although happy for the general population to be so) but deeply religious.

The religions adhered to by secret society initiates vary from one another in form but all have in common the fact that they are knowingly or unknowingly worshipping Satan and his fallen angels at the lower reaches of the Great Chain. The means by which they do this is predominantly through dark rituals involving fear-inducing and malevolent themes. Initiates into Freemasonry, for example, are put through a ceremony in which they profess an oath not to reveal the secrets of "the craft" under pain of a gory death. The other societies will have similar rites of passage. These societies trace their genesis back to the mystery schools of the ancient world, which kept their practices secret for fear of putting dangerous knowledge into the hands of the unprepared. However, this secrecy led to them hoarding their power and becoming corrupted and increasingly negative in outlook and orientation.

Each level of The Great Chain has a specific strata of consciousness associated with it, and each type of consciousness can be downloaded into the body and mind of the initiate. For those on a positive spiritual path of love and light, the consciousness downloaded is from the healthy levels, but for secret society initiates the consciousness downloaded comes directly from the mind of Satan, which mystics down the ages have referred to as the luciferic. Individuals who access this strain of awareness gain power and insight into how to manipulate others, either individually or en masse, and it is for this reason that it fascinates the Illuminati so much. Their rituals are carefully designed to bring the initiate under the influence of this consciousness, and once entrapped, the sense of personal power they experience becomes a reason to remain.

Most Freemasons and other lower-level initiates are unaware that they are on a harmful, left-hand spiritual path because the degenerate nature of the consciousness they are connecting with is hidden from them. This is partly because when experienced in contemplation it manifests as light, which seems to be what the great mystical texts of legitimate spirituality talk of. The light that the secret society members experience is, however, a false, degraded light, a light that has been dimmed by being filtered through the luciferic consciousness and made tolerable to initiates. It lacks the brilliance of true spiritual light. The truth about the nature of their path is further hidden from initiates by being couched in terms of brotherhood, doing good deeds and looking after one's fellow man. In this context, doing good deeds is a cover for their real agenda, and looking after one's fellow man means to exercise power in whatever sphere the individual has influence, whether in their local community or in global politics, and ensuring that "one's fellow man" stays firmly in line.

Those at the upper reaches of the Illuminati hierarchy, as well as Satanists at all other levels too, knowingly worship Satan and his demons. They are consciously malevolent and adhere to an ideology of creating as much chaos and suffering as possible, while using these as a means to increase their control. They regularly hold rituals during which they sacrifice animals and humans to Satan as a means of inducing a reciprocal flow of spiritual power into their being. These rituals are held at night in churches and in the open air on power spots on the earth's energy grid. Some of these rituals involve the rich and famous faces that appear on our TV screens on a nightly basis. Royalty, presenters, social commentators, fashion models and entrepreneurs are all represented at such gatherings, which are organised on strict hierarchical principles. Those in possession of the most occult power are allowed near the front of the throng and sometimes get to wield the knife, while those lower down the hierarchy are situated towards the back. I should point out that this is not mere speculation on the part of researchers - individuals who have been involved in these rituals, but who have managed to free themselves from the network, have come forward and given us this information.

It is for this reason that Satanic Ritual Abuse is a real phenomenon and there are groups practising it in locations all over the world. In fact, you could even go so far as to call it an epidemic. Icke estimates that if you have a fairly wide circle of friends you will know practising Satanists and they exist in communities both large and small. The goal they pursue through their rituals, as well as the accumulation of personal power, is to hold down the spiritual vibration of the earth, making it harder for the people living within it to attain higher states of consciousness. The image that Icke uses is of the fish and the sea. We are the fish and the global energy field is the sea. If you can degrade and pollute the sea, you hold down the potential of the fish living within it. Thus, their rituals serve to retard our spiritual growth and prevent us from liberating our minds, thus holding us in servitude to the Illuminati agenda.

This esoteric aspect to the conspiracy is another example of the Illuminati seeking "full spectrum dominance" of human society. They use all means at their disposal to maintain their control and don't dismiss any potentially useful tool because it seems too "far out". They keep open minds and explore all the available possibilities scientifically and meticulously.

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