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Jim O'Connor has had an interest in theories of everything and the integral worldview since the mid 1990's. He can be contacted at, while his blog can be found at He currently lives in Swindon, England.

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The Global Conspiracy

Part 2: The Endpoint and False Flag Terrorism

Jim O'Connor

I hadn't originally intended to post this short, three part essay on Integral World. However, given recent world events I think it is a perspective that deserves to be heard here.

The Endpoint

The commonly held view of the goal of the global conspiracy, the NWO, is that the Illuminati desire a one-world government over which they exert complete control. Only such a government, proponents of this notion say, would give them the power and influence to enact their dictats on a scale wide enough to be effective.

Such a government is gradually being brought into being through several means. Firstly, through the incessant centralisation of power driven by the increasing integration of the world's economic and political blocs - the European, African, American and Pacific Unions and so on. The EU, for example, was initially touted as being simply a "free trade area" before being allowed to evolve step-by-step into a fully-fledged political union, with documents revealing that this was the plan all along. Icke calls such a strategy "the totalitarian tip-toe": moving in steps small enough to go unnoticed towards a long-term goal. And as he points out, the more centralised power you have, the more power you have to centralise even further. Thus the pace of economic and political centralisation accelerates with every passing decade, with the population conditioned to accept this as natural.

Secondly, the power of the United Nations, brought into being after the second world war, is being built up to the point that it can become a viable world government. Through such mechanisms as engineering further wars and promoting theories of human-caused climate change, the UN is gradually being pushed to be seen as the only answer to the problems of the modern world. In tandem with this, world-wide financial meltdowns are used to increase the power of monetary institutions such as the World Bank and IMF, and thus a global infrastructure for world government has come into existence over the last 100 years. On every occasion that the UN is seen to be inadequate to a task it sets itself this turns out to be a good thing, as it can call for more powers and for further centralisation.

Thirdly, the drive towards globalisation in the corporate sphere is helping to build the economic backbone of a worldwide society. It is also, through the "McDonaldisation" of culture enabling the population of the world to "think globally" and see themselves as all being citizens of a one-world order. The media is becoming similarly globalised, with a constant crossing over of entertainment products from one culture to another, as capturing the hearts and minds of the world's youth becomes ever more important to the Illuminati.

Fourthly, the use of modern technology to allow communication to take place in real time between individuals in separate countries is shrinking the size of the planet by the day. Whereas in bygone times people would have to rely on "snail mail" to talk to friends in distant places, with weeks or months between each interaction, these conversations can now take place instantaneously. In addition to this, improved air travel is enabling individuals to hop between continents in a matter of hours, thus contracting the globe and creating a worldwide culture. These technological advances can be expected to continue into the future.

But whether the Illuminati are really seeking such a world government or not, one thing that can be said is that they want a society of fragmentation, disharmony and chaos, as a group of people in this state are infinitely easier to control. They are desperate to prevent us from coming together, putting our differences aside, and coordinating our actions in the service of building a better world. In his book Phantom Self Icke quotes a former insider, Dr Richard Day, who once outlined (off the record, of course) the desired endpoint of the global conspiracy. Some of the elements on the Illuminati "wish list" according to Day include:

  • A society built on incessant change, with nothing stable that can be relied upon to last. This is also the reason behind mass migration and the dissolution of national borders.
  • An electronic monetary system, which will make purchases easier to track as well as making manipulation of the currency easier. The money supply can be expanded and contracted more easily when new notes do not have to be printed.
  • A microchipped population, making people easier to track and locking them into this cashless monetary system. Icke also believes that the microchip will contain technology to manipulate us physically and mentally.
  • The end of people having personal savings. Savings equals choice equals freedom and personal power and the Illuminati want to do away with all of these. They want a society in which people rely on the system for everything and live "hand to mouth".
  • Overpriced housing, with people increasingly coming to rely on renting for their housing needs. Owning a property also gives security and freedom.
  • Centralised food production, from where all additives and ingredients can be managed. The population would be drugged with mind-altering chemicals in the food and water supply, in the name of health and "social stability".
  • The forced euthanasia of the elderly, through the "demise pill". In a society in which money is increasingly scarce, old people would come to be seen as a drain on resources. Each person would be allotted a maximum lifespan and "sent on their" way once it had elapsed. Old people, of course, represent a link to the past and a repository of wisdom, and are a bulwark against the incessant change already discussed.
  • The monitoring of household activity by smart televisions and audio devices (presumably electronic assistants).
  • The engineering of terrorist incidents in order to further diminish a sense of security and give a pretext for implementing social change. This will be discussed shortly.
  • The disappearance of dissidents. Those challenging the system would simply vanish, creating no martyrs.
  • Access to knowledge tightly controlled. Books would be rationed and where necessary would simply go missing from libraries and book stores.
  • A jungle atmosphere in towns and cities. Again, this is to create a lack of safety and security in daily life.
  • Violent movies and video games. This would encourage a debasement of popular culture and a carnalising of the young, depriving them of the enjoyment of healthy, open states of mind.

This last point is worth restating. There is a symbiotic relationship between the structure of a society and the mental states experienced by the people living within it. If you can create disharmony externally then the population will experience similarly fragmented and disordered states of mind. And conversely if you can engineer such states in a group of people then they will create a pathological society around themselves. The Illuminati work on both of these fronts simultaneously by engineering external social structures through the financial system and their agents in politics, but they also work on us internally through the cultural manipulation of films, video games, books and television shows. Hollywood is the epicentre of this cultural manipulation and is known to be rife with strange cults and secret societies.

In the middle of all this fragmentation and chaos would be the ultimate head of the Illuminati, known amongst religious people as the Antichrist. He would be a face visible on the public stage, and would implement the Illuminati agenda decided upon hundreds of years ago, while modifying it to meet current circumstances. He would be the spider at the centre of the web, dictating the actions to be taken by his agents in their own sphere of influence. He would be responsible for maintaining society in its state of fragmentation, and for taking it to ever higher levels following a darkly occult ideology. He would overshadow the population psychically, holding debased states of consciousness in place in their minds and retarding their spiritual development. This is the role that the highest Illuminati initiate would fulfil, the role of Satan's representative on earth.

False Flag Terrorism

In conjunction with the "totalitarian tip-toe" already discussed, the other main strategy used by the Illuminati to exert control is now known as "Problem-Reaction-Solution" (PRS). This is utilised when they want to make an alteration to human society that they know will face massive resistance if announced openly. So they don't announce it openly, but instead work behind the scenes to engineer a modification of public opinion to demand the very change they desire. When running a PRS play, at stage 1 the Illuminati use all covert means at their disposal to create a problem, such as an epidemic of a contagious disease or a breakdown of law and order, that appears to be serious and in need of action on the part of the authorities. At stage 2 they get their agents in the media (discussed above) to write stories and opinion pieces demanding that something be done to rectify the state of affairs they have deliberately brought about. Thus, through incessant, wall-to-wall coverage of the problem the public is whipped into a frenzy and is open to whatever solutions will eventually be suggested. At stage 3, actions are proposed by Illuminati agents in the political realm to solve the problem, actions that just happen to advance the Illuminati agenda, such as increased surveillance on the population or restrictions on the right to assembly.

One particularly important manifestation of PRS is the "false-flag terrorist attack". In this scenario the Illuminati deliberately carry out a terrorist atrocity or mass shooting, which they blame on an organisation that they want to demonise or even a lone individual whose ideology they want to paint in a bad light. They then use the mainstream news media, which bases its reports almost solely on government sources, to tell the public the version of events that they want them to believe, before offering the solutions to the created problem, be it a war in the Middle East or the mass trawling of our electronic communications at home. Terrorist attacks of recent times that researchers have exposed as being false flags include the Oklahoma City bombing, the Colorado Cinema shooting, the 7/7 attacks on the London transport network, the Madrid bombings and, of course, the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on September 11th 2001.

9/11 was a particularly blatant example of a false flag attack, and the anomalies and problems with the official story of what happened that day are too numerous to go into here. I would however point out a few of the more blatant ones, including the fact that the planes carried out manoeuvres that experienced pilots say no one piloting a wide-bodied jet for the first time could have executed successfully, including a 270 degree, low-level turn by Flight 77 before it hit the Pentagon, allegedly carried out by incompetent novice Hani Hanjour. The WTC buildings were the first of their kind to be brought down by fires, which couldn't have been hot enough to melt the steel columns, according to experts from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. There are expert organisations who have taken apart every aspect of the 9/11 story from start to finish and Icke, the late Jim Marrs and others have written thick, impeccably sourced books summarising their findings. One more serious anomaly regarding the events is WTC Building 7, which also fell that day despite not having been hit by any aircraft. The footage of its demise shows a clear controlled demolition, a fact backed up by interviews with owner Larry Silverstein.

After 9/11 the world's population was in a state of shock and ripe for accepting whatever measures the authorities demanded to "stop this ever happening again." The result was the Patriot Act, a piece of civil-liberty-shredding legislation so complex that it must have been drafted before the attacks in the knowledge of what was coming; and the War on Terror waged by the Bush Administration, whose fallout we are still dealing with today. While the specific actions taken on the back of any particular false flag may vary, they are all used to push the world in increasingly authoritarian directions. Civil liberties are inevitably curtailed each time an attack occurs and foreign wars are escalated. Surveillance powers for the government are further extended and more restrictions are placed on international and domestic travel, all escalating our slide into tyranny.

False flags originate deep in the recesses of the intelligence community, which are rife with secret societies and Satanism. MI5 was implicated in the 7/7 attacks on the London tube and bus network and the CIA was behind the manipulation of the public perception of the identities of the supposed hijackers in order to make the official story of 9/11 plausible. At the upper echelons of the Illuminati all the intelligence networks operate as a single entity and mesh seamlessly with government, the "military industrial complex" and the "deep state" that we have been warned about, forming a self-organising entity able to operate outside of public scrutiny.

Those sceptical that false flag attacks occur would do well to study the information available on Operation Northwoods, one of the few that have been planned at levels of government low enough to come to public scrutiny. The plan was approved in 1962 by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US government and involved carrying out a whole programme of false-flags in order to give a pretext for starting a war with Cuba and removing Fidel Castro. Decoy planes were to be downed by surface-to-air missiles, boats containing refugees feeling Cuba to be sunk at sea and innocent people shot on the streets of America, all to be blamed on Castro in order to massage public opinion into supporting the conflict. The plan came to light in 1997 when documents detailing it were declassified and made available to researchers. While Northwoods was merely a low-level plan that never came to fruition, it gives a sobering insight into the mentality of those who lead us and who profess to have our best interests at heart, and is made all the more chilling by the understanding that those in the shadows are infinitely bolder, cleverer and more malevolent than officials accountable to the public.

On the domestic political front, engineering large-scale terrorist incidents remains the main area of concern for the Illuminati, as this gives them the most reward for their efforts and allows them to make the most wide-ranging and authoritarian social changes. It should therefore be a matter of curiosity that such attacks have waned in recent years. There have been few major terrorist incidents in Western countries since 7/7 (the Manchester arena bombing aside) and no really epoch-changing events since 9/11, whereas in the wake of both attacks researchers were predicting a whole slew of escalating atrocities, including the use of chemical and biological agents, in the subsequent years. The lack of such attacks points, I believe, to the Illuminati agenda being in trouble, as their range of possible actions is increasingly squeezed.

Recommended Reading

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Marrs, J. (2006). The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty. Disinformation Company Ltd.

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