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Jim O'Connor has had an interest in theories of everything and the integral worldview since the mid 1990's. He can be contacted at, while his blog can be found at He currently lives in Swindon, England.

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The Global Conspiracy

Part 3: Monarch Mind Control

Jim O'Connor

I hadn't originally intended to post this short, three part essay on Integral World. However, given recent world events I think it is a perspective that deserves to be heard here.

The Monarch Programming Process

Members of the Illuminati are held in mental servitude to those higher in the hierarchy by a form of psychological bondage known as Monarch Mind Control. Monarch Mind Control, also known as Trauma-Based Mind Control (TBMC) is a precise, methodical technique of taking a child and turning them into a subservient automaton who will obey the every command of someone charged with minding them. No one knows how far back into history its usage goes but it is generally accepted that it was first rendered scientific in the modern era by the Nazis through experiments on concentration camp victims during the second world war.

TBMC is most effective when used on a child shortly after (or even before) birth. It utilises a natural mechanism in the human mind, called dissociation, that shuts out the memory of extreme trauma. When an individual experiences a horrifying event their mind automatically walls off the memory of it and surrounds it with an amnesic barrier so that it will not be continually relived. Without this barrier the mind would continually replay the memory in an attempt to resolve and integrate it, but if it is too painful and the mind is not strong enough to do this then as a second best option it shields the memory out of awareness so that the individual can continue to function. Memories dissociated in this way can later sometimes be recovered through psychotherapy or hypnosis but doing so becomes progressively harder the further back in childhood they were laid down.

Knowing about dissociation, the originators of TBMC found that by systematically traumatising a young child before their sense of self had developed, they could shatter the mind into a honeycomb of self-contained amnesic compartments. Each of these compartments would believe itself to be the entire ego and would contain a large enough portion of the total psyche to be able to function as a split off and autonomous personality in consciousness. Hence the terms Multiple Personality Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder were born. To do this most effectively a variety of techniques including torture, abuse, drugs and occult techniques were utilised. In the modern era the effect of these is augmented by the use of sophisticated electronic devices.

When separate personalities (known as alters) are created through this process, they can be programmed through further hypnosis and other conditioning techniques to have certain characteristics or to carry out specific tasks. They are often programmed to take the body at certain times or when a specific trigger is given. This trigger could be a word, a sound, a visual cue or even the coming around of a specific calendar date and time. When the trigger occurs the appropriate personality comes to the forefront of consciousness, carries out its allotted task and then disappears back into the recesses of the unconscious, with the memory of what transpired when it took the body being held within its amnesiac compartment and unknown to the rest of the psyche.

The strongest, most cohesive alter is charged with being at the forefront of the mind of the victim and will be the personality that they utilise in their day-to-day life and interactions with others. This is known as the front alter. It is the person that the victim thinks they are and the person that others think they are. Due to the fragmented nature of the overall psyche, the front alter will never be psychologically healthy but will always exhibit neurotic traits or other character defects to some degree. This is one tell-tale sign of TBMC (although there can be other reasons).

Alters are organised using sophisticated methodologies into entire societies of separate but interacting selves, known as alter systems, with each alter being given a task in the overall structure. While many alters are programmed to take the body, some are not, but are instead given tasks related to maintaining the integrity of the system as a whole. For example, some alters may be given the role of keeping an eye on other alters to ensure that they do not step out of line, or of reporting on the state of the alter system as a whole back to the Illuminati.

The initial programming of mind control victims is carried out both in the family and in programming centres which, although it is hard to believe, exist in many communities and urban centres. Victims are taken there as children, often by their compliant parents, and subjected to torture and traumatisation. Researcher Fritz Springmeier estimates that up to 2 million children have been programmed in this way in the United States alone since the end of the second world war. Those put through this process are known as Monarch Slaves.

Monarch slaves are placed with other individuals known as handlers, whose task it is to control them and ensure that their alter system remains in place. They are usually sadists who enjoy further traumatising the victim and holding them in servitude. Handlers will usually be given a list of codes in a binder or on a laptop with which they can trigger the various alters of the victim and ensure that he carries out his allotted tasks.

As to be expected, the types of traumatisation carried out by the Illuminati are many and varied. For important slaves the process with start in utero, with needles being poked into the foetus from the outside or unbearably loud sounds being played into the womb. This conditions the unborn baby to learn dissociation as a way of coping with trauma from the earliest days of its existence, which will render it more likely to respond in the desired manner to the torture administered after birth.

A young victim can be traumatised in relatively mild ways such as being spun around past the point of nausea, or in progressively more severe ways such as the application of electric shocks, through the deliberate infliction of intense hunger and thirst, or through sleep and sensory deprivation. Sometimes the child may be forced to live in or even to eat excrement. Often, near death experiences are deliberately induced. Usually, psychological techniques are used in conjunction with the physical methods such as allowing the child to bond with a favourite pet and then forcing him or her to watch while that pet is brutally killed. Sometimes the child may be forced to watch other (expendable) children being murdered or sacrificed in a similarly sadistic manner. All of this instils terror within the mind of the child and renders them subservient to the programmer out of fear of being next.

The home life of the Monarch Victim is usually harsh and severe. For those whose parents are knowingly involved in the programming process sexual abuse is common, as this causes dissociation at a very deep level of the mind and makes programming the child much easier. Usually such abuse goes back generations in a family line.

Memories of the entire programming process are buried deep in the subconscious of the programmed individual, with each alter only being aware of the specific traumatisation that was used to create it. As the victim grows into adulthood their front alter goes through the normal stages of ego development, although handicapped by the mayhem taking place outside awareness. They may get married and have children of their own, and hold down an everyday job. But when the appropriate triggers are given they will switch into the requisite alter personality, mechanically carry out their task before switching back again and continuing with their life.

Sometimes slaves who become aware of their slavery can be deprogrammed with the aid of a skilled therapist, although this is rare. Two former slaves who have done so and become relatively famous in the conspiracy research arena are Cathy O'Brien and Cisco Wheeler, who have both authored books about their experiences, thus shedding light on Monarch programming. Deprogramming is an extremely harrowing and difficult process as not only must all the original trauma be re-experienced and integrated but the alter system is often cleverly programmed to resist deconstruction and to thwart the attempts of the therapist to do so. Much patience and dedication is therefore required of all involved.

The Uses of Monarch Mind Control

In general there are two types of Monarch Slave. The first of these are non-Illuminati individuals who the Illuminati require to carry out specific tasks, and the second are individuals being programmed for roles in the secret society network.

Non-Illuminati slaves can be programmed for a wide variety of purposes. One type of programming that became well known when Cathy O'Brien told her story is the Beta-level Sex Slave (or Sex Kitten). Victims of this modality are conditioned to be highly sexualised and devoid of inhibitions from a young age and to provide sexual favours to Illuminati operatives, or to non-compliant individuals (often financiers or politicians) whom the network wishes to compromise or control. Often such encounters take place while the slave is still a child and are covertly filmed for blackmail purposes. Cathy tells of being prostituted out to many famous people as a "perk" from a very young age and of being groomed as a "presidential model" who would later operate at the highest levels of the (father) Bush White House.

Another commonly used slave are known as Delta-level super-soldiers. Super-soldiers are usually male and are conditioned to possess endurance, superior pain-tolerance and a high level of controlled aggression. They are utilised in covert military and undercover missions and have alters that are immune to fear and apprehension. Often they will be utilised in assassination and death-squad programmes run by intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

A type of Monarch Slave that is not so well known is the Theta-level psychic. These slaves have alters that are trained in the art of psychic attack and occult warfare and can bring death to a vulnerable target through the power of consciously directed attention. They can also transfer Monarch programming codes directly into another slave via mind-to-mind transmission. They are used for remote-viewing and in all manner of operations where paranormal ability is required. While this may sound like science fiction, the fact is that the Illuminati use such techniques much more commonly than might be assumed, have studied them scientifically and understand deeply their efficacy.

It has been discovered by researchers that many young singers and entertainers are victims of TBMC. This knowledge has been obtained by analysing their actions and demeanour and the content of their film and music output. These display many themes that pertain to the Monarch programming process and to the day-to-day existence of being a Monarch slave. Some modern-day singers who are most suspected of being Monarch victims include Britney Spears and Katy Perry. It is assumed by researchers that the Illuminati would want to control anyone in the public eye in order to ensure that they do not develop any independent thought and truly begin working to change society for the better. The worst nightmare of the Illuminati is a celebrity with a large public following exposing their agenda for the world, and keeping entertainers under mind control is one of the means by which they prevent this.

It is not only useful individuals from the general population who are targeted for TBMC - the Illuminati also raise their own children in the same way. Infants who come from multi-generational Illuminati families have a genetic ability to dissociate that is greater than the general population and thus a greater propensity to develop multiple personalities. All of this aids the programming process. As I alluded to earlier, due to the fact that such a great deal of the victim's psychic resources are tied up in the alter system, the Monarch process leaves him with an understrength ego. This means that he is vulnerable to being influenced or controlled by those with more dominant personalities. He will also be weak on a spiritual level. All of this makes him a prime candidate to be drawn into the Illuminati network at the appropriate time. If the process of drawing him starts in childhood, as it often does, then the resistance he is able to put to his parents and handlers will be minimal, especially if he is incestuously involved with them.

Parents in the Illuminati hierarchy will invariably have alters conditioned to be loyal to the cult. When switched onto these alters they will willingly deliver up their own children for programming as well as enthusiastically taking part in other Illuminati activities. This, of course, may be at odds with their conscious attitude, with their front alter often being unaware that the Illuminati even exist, let alone that they are a member. Missing time can be the only clue that something is not right with such a life, but with Illuminati activities taking place at night and often involving the entire family, even this indicator can be hard to latch on to. Many of the actions that individuals will perform while switched onto specific alters would offend their sense of morality, consciously professed, but cult-loyal alters can be programmed with personalities that have completely inverted ethical standards.

When an individual is targeted for a role in the Illuminati network he is made to participate in occult rituals from a young age. Often the terror of seeing other people being sacrificed at these events causes further dissociation and triggers the development of specific alters for ritualistic gatherings. The spiritual consequence of taking part in sacrificial rituals, and Illuminati rituals more generally, including Freemasonic initiations, is that the individual gradually comes under the influence of the luciferic consciousness. While this has devastating consequences for his spiritual future, from a short-term point of view it also has its benefits. The luciferic consciousness adds strength to the personality that he would not otherwise possess and enables him to function successfully in daily life. His neurosis is still operative - he is still "all messed up" - but now with his psychological problems being backed up with a certain amount of personal power. His psychological problems will cause him to want to dominate less powerful individuals and this increased ego strength will allow him to do so. This often allows him to function as a handler to other Monarch victims, both Illuminati and non-Illuminati, whom he derives gratification from dominating. He will, however, still subordinate himself to those higher in the network than him, who hold the power of life and death over him. This spontaneously creates an authoritarian, hierarchical structure, based upon lines of occult power.

Many of the individuals who are incriminated in false flag terrorist attacks and mass shootings are victims of Monarch mind control and other interlocking projects such as MK Ultra. Sometimes they are manipulated into detonating the bombs or firing the fatal bullets, but more often they are simply led to be in the "right place at the right time" to be blamed for actions that far more competent players have actually carried out. Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged assassin of Robert Kennedy is one obvious example. The court-room demeanour of James Holmes, supposedly responsible for the shootings in the Colorado cinema that left 12 dead and 70 injured also suggests the use of mind control, as did that of Anders Breivik, the man the official story says was behind the Norway bombing and shooting in which 77 mostly young people lost their lives. The back stories behind Adam Lanza and Stephen Paddock, the probable patsies used in the Sandy Hook and Las Vegas massacres also suggest the use of such manipulation.

Records of the upbringing of all Monarch slaves are kept by the Illuminati and individuals are groomed for roles in specific PRS events. Their lives are manipulated from behind the scenes in complex ways (known as controlling the milieu) through intelligence operatives, teachers, social workers and psychiatrists as they are cleverly led into place. One of the main roles of the intelligence agencies is to monitor and control such slaves and to manoeuvre them into impossible situations, where they can't help but incriminate themselves. After any such event, researchers pick apart the details and nearly always find evidence of mind control. Hi-tech mind control weaponry can be utilised as well as body doubles where necessary. The main block on public opinion accepting that such manipulation takes place is sheer incredulity. Why, they ask, would the authorities go to so much trouble to target one anonymous person? The answer is that they need to manage the fine detail of the target's life in order to construct a plausible enough cover story to convince the public of the individual's guilt and thus hide those really responsible.

False-flag attacks involving mind-controlled patsies are only one element of the Illuminati's method of achieving global domination. With the control of politics, finance, the military, and the media they have thrown a blanket of total control over planet earth. Yet the world is awakening and the Illuminati agenda is being increasingly exposed. It will I believe be fully overcome in the years to come, with many brave and dedicated researchers and activists working towards that end.

Recommended Reading

Springmeier, F., Wheeler, C. (1996). The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. Self-Published in E-Book Form. This book is now out of print and hard to get hold of. I do, however, have a PDF version that I would be happy to send to anyone who wants me to. Drop me an email at the address stated at the top of this post.

O'Brien, C. (1995). Trance-formation of America: The True Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave. Reality Marketing.

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