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Thoughts About
the Ukraine Crisis

An Overview of Essays

Frank Visser

Joseph Dillards' essay "Is Putin Red and the West Green?" generated he flurry of responses. In the lingo of Spiral Dynamics, "Red" means bad, aggressive, whereas "Green" means humanistic, democratic, pluralistic. While there is some truth to that, Dillard argues, the situation is much more complex and nuanced. Here's an overview of the various arguments.


  1. Is Putin Red and the West Green?, March 2022
  2. The Ukraine Crisis: An Opportunity to Wake Up Out of Groupthink, March 2022
  3. Why are Russia and Putin Winning the Economic and Military Wars?, April 2022
  4. A Personal Note on the Evolution of My Perspective On Ukraine, April 2022
  5. Practicing Multi-Perspectivalism Regarding the Ukraine War, May 2022
  6. Why We are Losing the War with Russia, May 2022
  7. Integral and the "Halo Effect", Edgar Morin's Critique of the War in Ukraine, June 2020
  8. Subjugation or Sovereignty?, That's the question for Russia, June 2022
  9. Our "Catch 22" and Ukraine, July 2022
  10. Western Groupthink is Putin's Weapon, July 2022
  11. Putin's Fiery Denunciation of the West, Its Implications for an Integral Worldview, October 2022
  12. How Will the Delusions and Misrepresentations of the Russian-Ukrainian War End?, October 2022
  13. Critiquing a Metamodern Critique of the Ukraine War, January 2023


  1. Hubris and Hypocrisy Are Present On Both Sides, A Reply to Joseph Dillard, March 2022
  2. Putin's Dark Ideology of a Sacred Greater Russia, April 2022
  3. 'Putin has a Point and the West is to Blame', Confronting Contrarian Views of the Ukraine Crisis, April 2022
  4. Putin's Politics Viewed Through an Integral Lens, A Perspective from the Field of Adult Development, April 2022
  5. Putin's Rationalization of the Ukrainian Invasion, Another reply to Joseph Dillard, April 2022
  6. Subjugation or Sovereignty? That's the question for Ukraine, May 2022
  7. Is Putin the new Tsar?, Stephen Kotkin on the Ukraine Crisis, July 2022
  8. The 'Catch-22' of Ukraine, A Response to Dillard, July 2022
  9. 'Blind Loyalty, Disguised as Defiance', Yet Another Response to Dillard, October 2022


  1. Ukraine, Russia, and Peace, A Response to Dillard Through the Perspective of Vanden Heuvel, March 2022
  2. Appreciating The United States in the Context of Russia, April 2022
  3. Russia/Ukraine: My Attempt At a Balanced Perspective: Part 1, April 2022
  4. Ukraine/Russia: Realist Vs. Idealist, May 2022
  5. Russia/Ukraine: My Attempt At A Balanced Perspective: Part 2, June 2022
  6. Russia/Ukraine: My Attempt At A Balanced Perspective: Part 3, June 2022
  7. Russia/Ukraine: My Attempt At A Balanced Perspective: Part 4, An "Insane Experiment"?, July 2022


  1. Stand Down!: Keeping the Peace By Being Integral, March 2022
  2. Putin's War: The Battle of Worldviews, Part 1, June 2022
  3. Putin's War: The Battle of Worldviews, Part 2, June 2022


  1. A Context for Survival: The US, Russia and Ukraine, May 2022
  2. Security for All!: A Reply to Brad Reynolds, June 2022


  1. The Invasion of Ukraine: What It Means For Us and How We Can Help, May 2022


  1. The Root Causes of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, July 2022


  1. New Analysis and Peacemaking Ideas between Russia and Ukraine, October 2022

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