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“Very useful in this time when wild, unsupported ideas are flying everywhichway.” (David Quammen)
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Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion, SUNY 2003Frank Visser, graduated as a psychologist of culture and religion, founded IntegralWorld in 1997. He worked as production manager for various publishing houses and as service manager for various internet companies and lives in Amsterdam. Books: Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion (SUNY, 2003), and The Corona Conspiracy: Combatting Disinformation about the Coronavirus (Kindle, 2020).

Frank Visser brings light and sanity to the miasmal confusion of suspicions and misinformation. (David Quammen, November 23, 2020)


Fifteen facets of
the SARS-CoV-2 Virus

The Corona Conspiracy, Appendix 1

Frank Visser

Mainstream and alternative views about the coronavirus pandemic, that can either be affirmed or denied.
1. The virus exists The virus does not exist
2. It is contagious Contagion does not exist
3. It is harmful It is harmless, if it exists at all
4. It causes a characteristic disease Symptoms are flu-like
5. It can be fully sequenced and be detected with a PCR test The genome sequence and PCR test are unreliable
6. It has a natural origin It does not have a natural origin
7. It is not spread on purpose It is a secret bio-weapon
8. It is not spread accidentally It has escaped from a viral lab
9. It is the result of disturbing wildlife It is not the result of disturbing wildlife
10. It comes to us most probably from bats It does not come to us from bats
11. Through an intermediate animal (pangolin) It does not come through an intermediate animal
12. Many existing treatments don't work Effective medication is available
13. We must live in a temporary lockdown A lockdown is an unnecessary tyranny, meant to enslave us
14. Until a vaccin has been found, if at all Vaccins are dangerous and will be used to spy on us
15. And the virus will weaken down Viruses have always been there, if they exist at all

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83 Vaccine Myths from
To all those who claim SARS-CoV-2—or any virus—does not exist: the virosphere consists of 4 realms, 9 kingdoms, 16 phyla, 2 subphyla, 36 classes, 55 orders, 8 suborders, 168 families, 103 subfamilies, 1421 genera, 68 subgenera, 6590 species. Take that.

A summary of early parts of this series has appeared in the Dutch magazine Skepter 33(3), September 2020, as "Viruses don't exist" (covering Parts 1-5). German: Skeptiker (December 2020); English: (January 2021)

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